Personal Injury Lawyers New York

When someone has been involved in an incident and possibly injured, they may speak with a particular injury lawyer to seek legal guidance about the matter. Our New York personal injury lawyers are committed to guiding afflicted workers through the byzantine maze of documents, evidence, and paperwork necessarily to establish a valid claim and to maximize the amount of our clients' recovery from the Victim's Compensation Fund.
Rob brings more than 39 years of experience and legal skill to the courtroom and to his clients, where his reputation for meticulous attention to detail, relentless preparation, and aggressive advocacy has gained him the respect of colleagues, judges, and adversaries alike.

We retain the very best experts including accident reconstructionists, biomechanical engineers, medical doctors, forensic pathologists, economists and other experts from the various disciplines involved in the case because every personal injury case requires the plaintiff to prove both liability and damages.
We have litigated hundreds of cases in the New York Metro area involving workers, employees and private individuals injured in vertical transportation accidents in just about every conceivable location, including shopping malls, hospitals, bus stations, new building construction, prisons and manufacturing and industrial facilities.

When you hire Raphaelson & Levine, you are provided a dedicated legal team that will listen to your needs, answer your questions, and keeps you Medical Malpractice Lawyer New York informed throughout the legal process, this team includes one of the firm's partners, a dedicated personal injury attorney, and paralegal.
After having the injured person looked at by their own doctor in an independent medical examination (also known as an IME, and many of us dispute the use of the word "independent"), the defense attorney submits the expert's report which generally indicates the injured person is fully recovered.
Unlike many other practices, our firm remains focused exclusively on personal injury and medical malpractice We utilize the expertise of a variety of specialists — including a former physician who is on our staff — to clarify and substantiate complex medical evidence.

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