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Temporary Residents living in Australia are often told that due to their residency status (ie, no permanent residency) they are not eligible to buy property in Australia, are not eligible for a home loan or require substantial deposits compared to their Australian citizen counterparts. In Australia, the term heritage homes” is used to broadly refer to homes that are listed as an item with heritage significance on either a local council's local environment plan or regional environment plan; a state government heritage register; or the National Heritage List established by the Federal Government.
Predicted to achieve a thermal comfort rating of over 8 stars, SHINKA house will aim to demonstrate a perspective of how active and passive design considerations can deliver a highly functional, comfortable and energy efficient residence in the centre of a major growth corridor of Metropolitan Sydney.

One of the great things about building a transportable modular home is that they are transportable and it gives you that flexibility to transport the home practically anywhere that is accessible by our delivery trucks, even in the most remote areas of Western Australia.
Our real estate agents stay abreast of innovative multimedia marketing strategies which include drone photography, virtual tours, online videos and target marketing on social media platforms, as well as the more traditional print ads and the Belle Property magazine.

The traditionally safe areas around Sydney harbour are predicted to greatly outperform the outer area - although in saying that one should remember the Sydney property market as a whole has always proven to be one of steady growth, over the long term.
Once you've found your dream home ask a Building and Design Consultant about the Luxury Upgrade Packages available. Even if you score the best local builder to project manage the foundation, assembly and signing off of your transportable home, if he is juggling too many other projects, he may accidentally overlook something on your project or delay your build.
Known as Australia's most diverse state, New South Wales is home to the country's largest and most cosmopolitan city, Sydney, which is one of the most popular destinations for property in New South Wales. Some software used by a number of home builders digitises all the processes in home building and can automate emails to clients when subcontractors are booked on site, material arrive, certain stages of construction are completed - you name it.

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