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The growth rate and the expenditure of Vietnamese super rich elite are passing Singapore and Thailand. The average GDP growth in Vietnam is projected around 6% annually until 2020, the country’s wealth market is predicted to continue growing another 200% in the coming years. Vietnam’s ultra-rich population is growing faster than any other economy in the world, higher than India and China. Since the release of the world’s first modern diving watch – the Fifty Fathoms – in 1953, Blancpain has supported multiple initiatives and partnerships dedicated to the exploration and preservation of the underwater world. All these activities are reunited under the Blancpain Ocean Commitment global program.
For the month of August, sales in China were impacted by the Covid-19 outbreaks in South East Asia. This led to lowered retail deliveries despite strong underlying demand and order intake. Total volumes for the month reached 13,112 cars, down 17.2 percent compared with August last year.

"There will be a market in the future. Singapore 20 years ago was just as poor as this country is now." For one thing, Vietnam is a poor country with an average per capita income of just $240 (about $820 in Ho Chi Minh City). Imported cars have sticker prices of more than $60,000, putting them out of reach for all but a few people. Yungas Road, or most commonly known as the “Death Road”, laid ahead of them.
Unlike previous years when print booklets were handed out, the mobile app allowed exhibitors to show unprecedented content to interested attendees. The mobile app also enabled event organizers to conduct surveys and gather feedback from attendees. Interactive content and two-way communication were not possible in previous years using print program booklets. The EventMeow platform and Vietnam Motorshow mobile event app was a huge success for the Vietnam Motors Show. Director General of BMW Asia Roland Krueger said that the company believed that the Vietnamese market is quickly expanding and the group was eager to cement a foothold in the country by striking a strategic partner agreement.

Royal Enfield uses traditional craftsmanship and modern technology as a means to create motorcycles, which stand for reviving the pleasures motorcycling at its purest. The Endurance Rally Association’s next event is the 10th anniversary outing of the Flying Scotsman rally for pre-war cars, with over 100 vehicles departing from Brooklands Motor Museum on Thursday 26th April. According to the forecast, if nothing changes, from 2025, the entire private car market in Vietnam will account for the main import proportion. That's because cars made in Vietnam are more expensive than imported CBU cars.
Volvo Cars reported global sales of 45,786 cars in August, down 10.6 percent compared with the same period last year. Overall underlying demand in the car industry and for Volvo Cars’ products remained very robust. Since mid-July, supplier shut-downs due to Covid-19 in South East Asia, especially in Malaysia, has worsened an already strained supply situation. These material shortages have led to temporary production halts at Volvo Cars’ facilities in Sweden, Belgium, China and the US, with reduced production volumes as a result. The night halt in Kanchanaburi is at the Dheva Mantra Resort and Spa where we also have a rest day so this evening the crews were well and truly making themselves at home. An early start takes us to Le Thanh, the Vietnamese frontier, where there’s a distinct change in atmosphere and you’re advised to watch out for small motorcycles and riders whizzing about with questionable road etiquette.
What is more, because the country’s carmakers are not particularly politically powerful, any unease they may feel will not matter much; BYD’s sway in Beijing is hardly BMW’s in Berlin. The industry is thus largely united around abandoning the internal-combustion engine. The cars in Beijing may carry foreign badges, but they are Chinese made.

Sunday morning is a good time to leave Singapore and we had the excellent freeways to ourselves which meant that we arrived at the border in plenty of time. These same highways and bridges then whisked us over the Straits of Johor and into Malaysia where the real fun began. Tomorrow, the flag will drop and, at 9.01am the first car, the Itala, will nose its way northwards. The advance car left us today to begin their lonely odyssey as the often unsung, but always invaluable 24 hour car.
As a result of flight restrictions impeding business travel to Vietnam,Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd. has announced the postponement of two of its trade fairs in the country. Hansen Executive Vice President Sten Estrup Nielsen and the APAC team in Singapore are hosting an event together with DABS to present the company’s products and share how they turn insights into opportunities. The event was previously scheduled for May 2017 but has due to unforeseen volvo sai gon circumstances been postponed to now take place in September 2017. Every day, more than 1 billion people worldwide consume a product with a natural Chr. The introduction of the all-new XC90 takes place during a landmark year for Volvo Car Group that has benefited from record sales and a return to profit, keeping it on track to achieve its long-term ambition of selling 800,000 cars by 2020. Just a year ago, Motor Image Vietnam only had eight facilities in the country.

Globally, Recharge cars accounted for 24.3 percent of the total sales volume. Xuan Kien Automobile, known as Vinaxuki, failed to win over brand-conscious Vietnamese with its local car models before folding in 2015. Its CEO, Do Tien Dung, said the company had a successful 2020 despite Covid owing to its strategies to expand market share and the cut in first-time car registration fees by half. Once the entire rally had cleared this section it was a time to head to the other highlight of the day, lunch on a floating restaurant at Bich Teo.
Volvo Cars Group's all-new XC90 will offer the most comprehensive and technologically sophisticated standard safety package available in the automotive industry. The car incorporates two world first safety technologies, a run-off road protection package and an auto brake when turning in front of oncoming vehicles. These technologies will take the company a significant step closer to its vision that no one will be killed or seriously injured in a new Volvo car by 2020. Marco’s other heroes were Karen and David Ayre who he thanked for bringing their beautiful 1907 Itala to the event.
To stimulate demand, electric vehicles are generously subsidised and exempt from purchase taxes. They are also exempt from the restrictions placed on the purchase of cars with internal-combustion engines in six of the biggest cities. Further measures include requiring public-sector bodies to buy electric vehicles—a big boost for buses—and favouring car-sharing businesses that use them. The country’s charging infrastructure is far ahead of the rest of the world’s. Some of China’s 70-odd domestic carmakers have concluded that it is time to start making better cars.

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