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Humans have always been fascinated with the unusual, with the unique and striking. Many of the Classic Disney Shorts featuring Mickey Mouse , Donald Duck and Goofy Everyone is an animal, humanized or not Early shorts had Mickey living amongst humans (likely to go with Walt's belief that Mickey was a human who looked like a mouse to the viewers ), however eventually that was phased out for everyone being an animal.
To win us, politicians, sometimes with the media's help, do their best to keep us separated, to keep the real or imaginary "others" just a "concept." Because if we spend time with others, talk to them and eat with them, we will learn that they are like us: humans with all the strengths and weaknesses that we possess.

This human tendency and ability of destruction of what is unknown and unfamiliar is meat to the politicians who want to exploit fear: If you grew up only around people who look like you, only listened to one media outlet and heard from the old uncle that those who look or think differently hate you and are dangerous, the inherent fear and hatred toward those unseen people is an understandable (but flawed) result.
Violence in cartoons is another example; In Roadrunner cartoons, when an anvil hits the coyote, animal lovers may be unable to inhibit the animal cruelty meaning instead of focusing on the funny meaning of yet another inevitable failure. In some works, all kinds of animals take the place of people; all animals are human surrogates and considered equals to each other.

Every incarnation of My Little Pony after the original generation of toys lacks humans and it's composed entirely of animals, mainly the titular ponies. Kaeloo : Planet Smileyland only has seven inhabitants, but all of them are anthropomorphic animals with no humans in sight.
Perhaps more than any other animal, cats are incredibly confident in their athletic abilities—sometimes, to a fault. Star Fox takes place in the Lylat System, which is populated entirely by all kinds of Funny Animals IN SPACE (no, we don't know how a fox got into space).

The main setting of Spliced , Keep Away Island, is this with Mix-and-Match Critters , but humans are presumed to exist in the rest of the world, as most of the characters were created by one. I think that is how dogs spend their lives. The fate of animals is of far greater importance to me than the fear of appearing ridiculous.

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