Antibacterial Odorless Socks

Travel gear is typically a mixed bag. They work great for hiking or camping thanks to their ability to absorb sweat and still keep your feet dry and warm, but they can also keep your feet comfy indoors, replacing slippers or making your evenings on the couch with a good book particularly cozy.
Wool socks absorb the moisture of your feet, they are perfect insulators (even when wet), wool dries quicker than other fabrics, they have anti-bacterial properties naturally in them which make them resistant to odors, so they can be worn multiple times prior to a washing.

Polyester mix makes my feet warm, polyamid mix works much better for me. Even in winter sport socks with polyamid keep my feet warm without overheating like they keep warmth inside and the poly is cool in it self, some summer pants are 100% polyamid and ive used them in troptical country and they are cool to the touch polyester pants is overheating in tropical countries and is a big no no.
Copper Fit Socks makes a number of claims about the element copper, all of which are true but only one that is really relevant to this product: according to this study , it helps protect against fungus and damaging bacteria that cause stains and odors.
The socks due to the high percentage of polyester used in their making do not allow for as comfortable as a feeling as something that has 20% cotton or more such as what Puma offers with their socks, as a result these are good for walking, for running or cycling they feel weird after several minutes due to excess moisture.

FreshIQ™ advanced odor protection technology attacks the odor-causing bacteria in your clothing that causes your underwear and socks to smell — so now you can feel fresh all day. After all, some folks may use these socks during a marathon but we tend to sweat as much by just strolling to the grocery store two streets down the block.
Natural, lightweight, crew-length, this footwear is the perfect insulator and will keep your feet warm or cool and always comfortably dry. Besides silver and copper, these days there are also socks made of a yarn containing titanium. Best of all, we've added Silver in the inner foot bed to help kill the bacteria and fungi on your feet.
For all day and all night comfort, you will want to check out the Under Armor Resistor Low Cut, Running Socks By Thirty 48, and even the Tesla Athletic No Show. A perfect pair will be breathable, elastic, soft, won't lose their shape, won't feel too tight or too loose, will wick moisture away from the skin and will help prevent the overgrowth of bacteria and won't develop odors.

They are marketed as basketball socks as well because of their high rise and define-but they are phenomenal running socks as well, especially for those of you dealing with excessively sweaty feet. The only real issue is that vegetation (tall grass, bushes) can sometimes scratch your ankles given the lack of protection derived from wearing socks that only cover the feet.
That means if you're wearing charcoal gray trousers, a charcoal gray sock is best. With a good knowledge of what to look for in a pair of compression socks, you Odorless All Day Comfort Socks on Kickstarter can be sure to get a pair that's just right for you. If you have both heavy and lightweight shoes, you'll probably want a mix of heavy and lightweight socks.
In addition, the Magic-Premium socks are more formed to right and left feet and have an R or L in a blue circle to indicate which foot they go on. Again, a Lycra elastic cuff helps keep the socks up and in place throughout the day. That said, these socks are promoted as five day socks, meaning they don't have to be washed between five separate wearings.

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